Excellently situated for hot air balloon flights, Wizard Balloons Bury launch site is at Nowton Park.

From Nowton Park your hot air balloon ride may take you over picturesque Suffolk villages, such as Lavenham and Long Melford, or offer you fantastic and unique views of fabulous country houses, such as Ickworth, Kentwell and Melford Hall.

Newmarket, the home of British horse racing is nearby as well as Ely Cathedral, which can be seen for miles. On a clear day you may also catch a glimpse of some famous London landmarks on the horizon. Whichever direction the wind takes you, your hot air balloon ride from Bury St Edmunds will reward you with delightful and exclusive views of the Suffolk countryside, towns and villages as you drift peacefully overhead.

48 Thistledown Drive
Bury St. Edmunds